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One of the two founding objectives of the PIM is the generation of new knowledge in management, while the other objective is the dissemination of knowledge in that field. Research into management, therefore, is a primary function to which the Institute has devoted its resources since its establishment in 1985. The PIM is the leading higher education institution in the country that conducts research in the discipline of management. This is amply reflected in our claim that our MBA is one of the few, and best, MBA programs in the world where research is an important and essential component of the degree. While many MBA programs elsewhere have conveniently abandoned the most precious learning activity of research, we proudly continue to improve upon the quality of our research activity in the MBA program. And, we have done so over two decades. Research interests developed at the Master's level are promoted through the doctoral program of study. Our quarterly publication, Sri Lankan Journal of Management, is the only refereed periodical in Sri Lanka that is fully devoted to the dissemination of management research undertaken in this country.

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Vision & MIssion


The Research Centre will create an outstanding climate of support for the research community of Postgraduate Institute of Management researchers, enabling them to acquire, manage and execute research projects contributing to theory and practice


To enable the achievement of excellence by the research community, the Research Centre;

  • Will support the development of young academics with more significant research focus with advanced knowledge in management research,
  • Enable them to generate and disseminate advanced knowledge which is informed by Research and scholarships
  • Promoting interdisciplinary studies and Research in the various issue in areas of the discipline of management which are beneficial for the wider community

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